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Running Performance

Running Performance


If you're serious about your running, take the next step to optimising your performance.

Any level of athlete can benefit from our assessments -  choose the best one to suit your needs.

Once you have purchased a package, the Human Performance Unit will call you back to arrange a time and date.

We have three packages to choose from so you can select the best for your needs:

Due to Coronavirus restrictions, please email [email protected] for information about current availability before making a payment.


  • Experience Package - £105: 

    Ever wondered just how good professional runners are? Why not book our experience package to find out how your compare to the best in the World?  The laboratory experience package has been designed to provide you with accurate physiological data that can be used to guide your training and ensure that you can perform optimally during competition. Data from this package can be used to establish training zones and individualise your training programme. It will also identify your strengths and weaknesses and establish just how you compare to an elite runner. 

    What's involved? This package includes the following battery of tests:

    Body composition assessment using bioelectrical impedance

    Blood lactate assessment during sub-maximal treadmill protocol

    Lactate threshold is one of the most commonly, and effectively assessed performance markers. The point is to learn the highest intensity at which you race and train before ‘hitting the wall’ from high levels of blood lactate. The aim of this test is to determine your highest sustainable level of lactate accumulation before it seriously hinders your performance (your lactate threshold).

    The most accurate way to determine lactate threshold is via a graded exercise test on the treadmill. During the test, running velocity will be increased from low intensity at 3 minute intervals with finger prick blood samples being taken in between each increment. Heart rate and RPE will also be measured throughout the test. The treadmill test lasts for around 20 - 30 minutes – this is not an ‘all out’ maximum test.

    Following these tests, you will be provided with all results, an explanation of what each metric means to you and your running and a comparison to pro athletes. We will also identify some specific training you can do to target each of the metrics.


  • Advanced Package - £150: 

    This package includes all the benefits of the Experience Package plus the following:

    VO2 max

    Once we have identified clear lactate turn points the protocol will change to 1 minute steps which you complete until exhaustion. This will enable VO2 max to be calculated.

    Running Economy Test – 3 X 4 minute Sub Max pace with gas analysis

    This package comes with advanced analysis of your results and training zones, provides you with some more accurate performance modelling and comparison to pros and identifies specific sessions which you can target to improve your weaknesses and maximise your strengths.


  • Complete Package - £175:

    All the benefits of the Advanced and Experience Packages, plus the following:

    Gait Analysis

    Using a combination of high speed video and the OPTOJUMP analysis system we will analyse your running technique. Once complete we’ll provide you with a detail report.


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Sports Therapy Clinic

Sports Therapy Clinic


From the University of Derby Human Performance Unit

  • Dates and times to be allocated on booking
  • Please Note: Only available to University of Derby Staff and Students

Staff rate: £7.50

Student rate: £5.00



The University’s Sports Injury Clinic provides sports therapy services in a student-led environment closely supervised by our highly trained sports therapy lecturing team.

Our BSc (Hons) Sports Therapy and Rehabilitation students offer a variety of services and are trained to assess and treat patients presenting with musculoskeletal injuries caused either through participation in sport or the rigours of everyday life.

Our services are available to all University staff and students and include:

  • Injury consultation and assessment
  • Mobilisations/manual therapy
  • Exercise prescription
  • Rehabilitation programmes
  • Injury prevention strategies
  • Electrotherapy
  • Sports massage


What happens next?

Once you have paid via the Online Store, you will be contacted by the University's Human Performance Unit to arrange an appointment.

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